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Prioritizing Data Work. Focus on: Data Products! (Databricks, Firebolt, Airbyte, Continual...) [DSR #253]

Prioritizing Data Work. Focus on: Data Products! (Databricks, Firebolt, Airbyte, Continual...) [DSR #253]
By Tristan Handy • Issue #253 • View online
Quick note before diving in: The Coalesce Call For Proposals deadline is June 25! Coalesce 2020 was absolutely fantastic and I am so excited for this year’s event. The energy, positivity, and new ideas were the professional highlight of my year. (And–I’m hopeful we’ll pull together some level of in-person element for this year!)
So: if you attended last year’s premier analytics engineering conference and/or if you’re looking forward to attending this year’s, please take a minute to:
  • ask yourself what lightbulbs have gone off in your head over the past year that you just have to share with the community, and
  • take a minute to think about whose voice you would desperately love to hear from and give them a nomination. Nudges like this are so helpful in encouraging folks to present who might otherwise not step forwards on their own.
CFP is here, and thanks for your support!
- Tristan
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