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Orchestration. Multi-Armed Bandits. Knowledge Sharing. Getting your Data Back Out. [DSR #234]

Orchestration. Multi-Armed Bandits. Knowledge Sharing. Getting your Data Back Out. [DSR #234]
By Tristan Handy • Issue #234 • View online
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Data Orchestration — A Primer.
Multi-Armed Bandits and the Stitch Fix Experimentation Platform
Making your dbt models more useful with Census
François Chollet
I think it's clear that for many smaller companies that invested in deep learning, it turned out not to be essential and got cut post-Covid as part of downsizings. There are somewhat fewer people doing deep learning now than half a year ago, for the first time since at least 2010
Good thread—@fchollet presents data a couple of tweets down if you click through. I’m in agreement with his measured take; I think this is more about Covid than it is about another “AI winter,” although there are certainly lots of folks in this thread on HN who disagree.
New Tools I'm Watching
I’m always monitoring the data tooling landscape, and I figured I’d start sharing some of the more interesting products I come across.
Continual IQ: Super cool! The product is very early so there’s nothing to look at or try, but I got a demo last week. It’s auto-ML in the modern data stack. Plays very nicely with Fivetran / Snowflake / dbt. This solves a real need—hope the team releases something I can use soon!
Transform: Founded by some of the folks who made the Airbnb metrics platform, Transform aims to solve many of the same problems. I’m very interested in this theme, although have no insider knowledge of what exact approach they’re taking.
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